2023 Anniversary Series

A monthly Why We Endow Series

Calling all Feminine Genius Circle members, Endow hosts seasoned or fresh, or any woman who is curious about the importance of cultivating the feminine genius to join us for this virtual monthly study series examining Pope St. John Paul II's touchstone text On the Dignity and Vocation of Women (Mulieris Dignitatem) using the Endow Study Guide.

This year is Endow’s 20th anniversary year. We want to celebrate by returning to one of one of our two founding touchstone documents (the other is John Paul II’s Letter to Women) as a way to continue cultivating the intellectual life of women with intentional community.

A Missionary Gesture

These meetings will not be recorded. Each month, we will go through new sections of John Paul II’s Letter and the corresponding text from the Endow Study Guide. There is no obligation to purchase the study guide since we will share the content via screen share on Zoom, although it is suggested. You can purchase the study guide here or in the digital ebook version here. Click here to register for next month's event!

In addition to providing formation opportunities for those in our Endow family as well as a “taste” and introduction of the Endow experience for those who are new to our family or those who are interested in hosting their own groups, we want women who have never encountered the writings of John Paul II on the feminine genius to join us. Most Catholic women have never heard of the feminine genius, this needs to change!

Our proposal: Invite a friend or family member to join you for this event at least one time!

Our goal: At least 100 new women will be exposed to the concept of the feminine genius through Endow in 2023! Let’s make this happen together!

Our Hope

Our hope is that this monthly event (whether you come once or each time) will ignite a FIRE in the minds and hearts of women to start Endow Groups all over the country and the world!

Women Need You

In the past, our culture disagreed about the meaning of femininity. Today, the idea of womanhood and femininity as an objective reality is being contested! Donate here!

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About this study

This apostolic letter contains the theological and philosophical underpinnings of Pope Saint John Paul II’s understanding of woman and her vocation. We are invited to ponder along with the Holy Father, the anthropology of man and woman, God’s intention for their relationship, woman’s vocation to motherhood, and the Church as Bride of Christ.

John Paul II offers age-old truth with a freshness of thought that explains how “feminine genius” is essential to building a civilization of life and love.

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Join us now!

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Questions we will be examining throughout the year

  • What is John Paul II referring to when he discusses the genius of women?
  • Why is a feminine spirit "vital" and "essential" for a healthy Church and world?
  • How can you cultivate your own unique feminine genius through the Endow apostolate which calls women together for prayer, study, and fellowship?