About the Feminine Genius Circle

Endow’s Feminine Genius Circle is our monthly giving society. For a minimum donation of $25/month or $300/year, you can be a part of this wonderful group! As a Feminine Genius Circle member, you are joining Endow’s mission to help every woman discover her God-given dignity. Throughout the year, we invite you to participate in opportunities for formation as well as other fun perks and exclusive offers.


  • Monthly updates on all that is going on “behind-the-scenes” at Endow
  • Early access to online webinars and events
  • Exclusive formation opportunities with the Endow Team
  • Perks with a Purpose
  • The joy of knowing you are helping Endow to affirm the genius of all women in every aspect of life and society

We are so grateful for your support! Your faithful generosity enables us to help women all over the country and the world discover their authentic Feminine Genius!

The Endow Team

Endow is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your gifts are tax deductible.