Quinceañera Created for God | Creada para Dios is an 8-10 week bilingual parish formation program for girls preparing for their Quinceañera. It seizes the moment of their Quinceñera to affirm young women in their identity as beloved daughters of God. By calling young women together to learn about Catholic teachings and the Quinceañera tradition, we invite them to reflect on their dignity and feminine genius as they grow into a deeper relationship with the Lord. Investing in young women at this pivotal moment in their lives has the potential to ignite their passion for the faith as well as a desire to become more active in their parish communities. 

“After this group, I no longer consider myself an atheist.”

– 14 year-old Quinceañera participant 

Quinceañera Created for God | Creada para Dios poses the important questions of life: who am I, why am I here and where am I going in a contemporary and relevant way. It dignifies the intellect of the young women with compelling faith formation and engaging stories of the saints. During the 8-10 weeks, this program builds connections to the parish and to each other, inspiring the young women to live joyfully and grow in holiness.

Coming Late Summer 2024

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Quinceañera Created for God | Creada para Dios

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Quinceañera Created for God | Creada para Dios stands as a testament to the enduring beauty of the Quinceañera tradition, enriched by the timeless teachings of the Catholic Church. Join us in empowering young Hispanic women to embrace their faith, identity, and future with confidence and joy. 

“I love the Quinceañera program because it beautifully intertwines the popular tradition so important for the Hispanic culture with the Catholic faith. It presents the young woman with an itinerary that she can follow where she can prepare her heart for this important step in her life.”

– Florencia Silva