Suggested weeks to complete 8-10 weeks minimum

Table of Contents
Chapter One – Universal Call to Holiness
Chapter Two – Stumbling Blocks and Hope
Chapter Three – Paths to Holiness—The Vocation of Marriage
Chapter Four – Paths to Holiness—Religious Life as a Vocation
Chapter Five – The Single Life
Chapter Six – Christ, His Church, and Our Lives

A sample two-hour session
7:00 p.m. – Hellos
7:15–7:20 p.m. – Opening Prayer
7:20–8:50 p.m. – Read & Discuss
8:50 p.m. – Closing Prayers/Announcements
9:00 p.m. – Goodbyes

Supplemental resources

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The third installment of our four-part High School Study series explores the concept of holiness through the lens of young people’s thirst for greatness. The Beatitudes and the Universal Call to Holiness are presented in connection to the idea that God has a plan for every human person from the moment of their creation. A discussion of state-in-life vocations (marriage, religious life, and single life) is contrasted with our culture’s ideas of success, encouraging young women to develop their concept of personal fulfillment and begin to discern their vocation in life.

Navigating the study
This four-part series was created for young women in high school.

  • Created for Love
  • Created for Community
  • Created for Holiness
  • Created for Mission

Through reading aloud, group discussion, and dynamic activities, young women are introduced to their identity as daughters of God and their role in the Church and society through the intellectual tradition of our Catholic faith. Through these studies, they will grow in knowledge and understanding of the faith, leading to the development of virtue and a more active interior life. Ultimately, the goal of the Endow High School Study Series is to draw young women into a deeper, more profound relationship with Jesus Christ, the author of our dignity as women.

Creative ways to use these studies

  • High School Youth Groups
  • Home Study with Friends
  • High School Religion Classes
  • Day or Weekend Retreats
  • Summer Study

We are here to support you
Throughout your study, as spiritual, theological, or pastoral questions arise, please contact us for support at [email protected]. Please also consider emailing testimonies from your group! We love to hear what the Lord is doing with your young women!

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