Episode 143

October 1, 2023

Episode 144

October 8, 2023

Episode 145

October 15, 2023

Episode 146

October 22, 2023

Episode 147

October 29, 2023

Episode 148

November 5, 2023

Episode 149

November 12, 2023

Episode 150

November 19, 2023

About This Study

An eight-part series encountering St. Thérèse of Lisieux, the Little Flower, with freshness, energy and vigor. Every week, we will explore Therese’s own writings as well as the writing of numerous experts, including Pope St. John Paul II.

Through this study you will come to know St. Thérèse – a shockingly original woman who was full of dreams, totally authentic and free — in a whole new way.

Whether you listen by yourself or gather together with a group of friends, we look forward to journeying with you beginning on St. Thérèse’s Feast Day, October 1, 2023!

You can follow along by purchasing the Endow Study Guide on St. Therese. To receive $10, use the discount code TheLittleFlower2023

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