134 pages – Suggested weeks to complete 8-12 weeks minimum

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Table of Contents

Chapter One- Thérèse of Lisieux: The Greatest Saint of Our Time

Chapter Two- Rehabilitating Thérèse

Chapter Three- The Christmas Conversion

Chapter Four- The Pilgrimage to Rome

Chapter Five- Entering the Cloister

Chapter Six- The Science of Love

Chapter Seven- The Little Way

Chapter Eight- Last Conversations

A sample two-hour session

7:00 p.m. – Hellos

7:15–7:20 p.m. – Opening Prayer

7:20–8:50 p.m. – Read & Discuss

8:50 p.m. – Closing Prayers/Announcements

9:00 p.m. – Goodbyes

Experience St. Thérèse like never before!

Thérèse offers the modern women a fresh perspective on happiness, discipleship, and sainthood. She presents her “Little Way” with a dramatic simplicity. Thérèse willed just one thing: to become a saint! This beautiful study, written by the incomparable Heather King, explores Therese’s writings as well as the reflections of numerous experts, including Pope St. John Paul II. Throughout this study, you will come to know St. Thérèse – a shockingly original woman, full of dreams, totally authentic, and free -- in a whole new way. It is our fondest hope that by studying St. Thérèse, you will gain a friend in heaven to accompany you on your earthly journey!

Navigating the study

Each chapter is divided into three sections with discussion questions at the end of each of the sections.

Typically a group will read and discuss one chapter during their weekly meetings. For a more leisurely 12 week study, groups can work through two of the three sections. For an 8 week study, groups can either move through the sections more rapidly or be selective about which sections to complete.

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