Why Endow—the path of intellectual discipleship and hospitality 

Endow recognizes that the Church is mater et magistra—mother and teacher. We believe that important documents are a woman’s rightful inheritance and may be of prophetic value to her. In other words, the voice of the Church speaks truth to the heart of every woman. There is a vocation to study and to study a particular document in this moment of life. In taking up this call, the Endow experience becomes an encounter of one’s spiritual daughterhood and motherhood. One is always both a student and a teacher. Every woman has a rich history of life experience to share as well as something to learn from her sisters in Christ. 

Through Endow Groups, women carve out time in their life to pursue the intellectual life. Our hope is to deepen each woman’s love for God with her “whole heart, mind, soul and strength” since love desires knowledge, and knowledge kindles love. Love is the ultimate goal of study and the profound meaning of one’s life, purpose, and destiny. It is the only source of true happiness in this life and the next. 

Our Method—an inspired approach 

Women read aloud together an important church document or writing of a saint followed by a group discussion. Each Endow study guide is designed to make the text accessible by including not only the actual document but an accompanying commentary and discussion questions to integrate both the mind and heart of each woman. 

Accompany: As we study together, we grow closer to Christ and each other through the blessing of each other’s presence, the rich text, and the dialogue it inspires. Endow women recognize that the group is there to accompany each other in authentic belonging in confidentiality, in a sacred space of non-judgmental friendship. 

Read: We take turns reading aloud the sections of the text together while meditating on its relevance for our personal lives. 

Discuss: We discuss what struck us from the text or answer some of the discussion questions at the end of each section. The role of the facilitator is to help guide the dialogue and “make easy” the voice of Truth by keeping the group focused on the study guide text while also allowing for personal sharing. The facilitator is not expected to be a teacher, theologian, or philosopher in this context. If challenging pastoral or theological questions do arise, do not hesitate to contact Endow for help and guidance.

Pray: We begin and end the meeting in prayer and intercede for each other’s intentions throughout the study. 

Our Goals—the world needs what you are, not what you have
(St. Edith Stein)

  • To help every woman discover her identity as a daughter of God, loved into being, and called to be in communion with the Holy Trinity. 
  • To suggest key church documents that encourage women to grow intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally through deepened thought and conversation.
  • To build a life together by connecting women in their local areas as a remedy to the epidemic of loneliness. 
  • To equip women with resources necessary to give a “reason for the hope” that is in them to an unbelieving world. 
  • To deepen the awareness of each woman’s personal vocation expressed uniquely in spiritual motherhood.
  • To answer John Paul II’s call for a “new feminism” for the renewal of a culture of life and love.