Litany of Feminine Maturity

Let us pray together.

This litany was written by Sister Karolyn Nunes of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George

Let Us Pray

A girl is entitled. A woman sees everything as gift.

R: Jesus, give me the grace to desire it.

A girl is lost in her emotions and a slave to them. A woman navigates her emotions and masters them.

A girl is needy. A woman acknowledges and articulates her needs.

A girl looks to blame. A woman takes responsibility.

A girl looks for another to solve her problems. A woman takes initiative.

A girl is exclusive and possessive in friendship. A woman invites and welcomes others into relationship.

A girl mopes and throws pity parties. A woman radiates joy as she dances on disappointment.

A girl looks for the easy way out. A woman lives challenges with ease.

A girl hides her true self. A woman makes herself known.

A girl exhibits poise on the outside. A woman exudes confidence from within.

A girl is concerned that she be liked. A woman is concerned that she be respected.

A girl seeks the attention of men. A woman woman seeks to build up her brothers by her attentiveness.

A girl plays house. A woman creates a home.

A girl wants to be told what to do. A woman is consistent in her words and deeds.

A girl creates drama. A woman seeks to eliminate it.

A girl whines, complains, and shrinks from difficulty. A woman acts or endures, confidently confronting difficulty.

A girl is mainly self-focused. A woman is aware of and looks out for others.

A girl is insecure about her identity. A woman stands firm in the reality of her belovedness.

A girl wants to be amused or entertained. A woman seeks joy in what is true, beautiful, and good.

A girl manipulates to get what she wants. A woman fights for what is right and just.

A girl clings to her plans and expectations. A woman is lovingly flexible.

A girl keeps nothing to herself. A woman temperately guards what is most sacred.

A girl is jealous of the successes and gifts of others. A woman is grateful for that which shines light on and brings joy to others.

A girl chokes relationships with a need to control. A woman nurtures relationships with generosity and sacrificial love.

A girl is vain and caught up in how she appears. A woman humbly acknowledges her beauty.

A girl rushes about in distraction. A woman patiently persists in her duties.

A girl is caught up in fantasy about her future. A woman trusts the Father and waits upon his timing.

A girl is mean. A woman is kind.

A girl’s strength is expressed with force. A woman’s strength is expressed in restraint.

A girl is rude towards those she encounters. A woman relates with courtesy.

A girl uses her speech to tear down and is fascinated by gossip. A woman uses her speech to edify and speak truth.

A girl is heedless and short-sighted. A woman is prudent.

A girl creates chaos. A woman creates order.

A girl dreams only of her own accomplishments. A woman helps others into their full maturity.

A girls takes life. A woman gives life.