Community Is Essential

Reclaim Time for Study and Friendship!

When you join the Endow movement, you are not just purchasing a study guide, you are joining and supporting a movement of women who want to cultivate deep friendships based on studying the rich intellectual and spiritual documents of the Catholic Church.

Please visit our Curriculum Pathway to discern what your group will study together!

Invite your friends to join you in an 8-12 week study. Your God-given desire to host an Endow Group means that you have all that you need to bring Endow to your town! You are embarking on a transformative experience, allowing the Holy Spirit to move in a new way in your life and in that of your small group!

If you would like be a part of an Endow group, please fill out the form above! We will connect you with women from your local area who are new to Endow and interested in forming a group. Expect to hear from us soon. We are so happy to have you as part of our Endow family!