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College Gals, How do you Keep it Together?
Question: The Lord is calling me to be a good student. Sometimes, I just can’t seem to make it to Mass on Sundays because of the amount of homework that I have for the following day/week. I’m really trying to be a good Catholic but I can’t do it all. There are too many things that I am called to do. How do I discern what is a priority?
Through the Eyes of the Saints | St. Gianna Molla
Almost twenty years ago, when I was a new mom, I slipped out one evening for a presentation – an introduction to the then newly beatified Gianna Beretta Molla. The presenter came to share the story of this doctor, wife, and mother who had captivated the world with her fierce devotion to human life even if it should cost of her own. He came with stacks of holy cards printed with her photograph and the prayer for her canonization. And he came with her wedding gown. I remember pressing the holy cards to the satiny folds of her white dress. Touching them to a piece of her life, a symbol of the sacrament that she gave herself over to with radical faith and deep love, I felt a connection and a desire to know her more. “This will be a relic someday,” he predicted. “Gianna was saving her dress, hoping to turn it into a vestment if she should have a son who would become a priest.” Her son, as it turned out, would not become a priest. But she would become a saint.
How College Roommates Prepare us for Marriage
Question: As a single woman in college, how can my roommates prepare me for marriage?
A Woman for All Seasons
If you are busy woman juggling family, friends, work, and prayer, trying to balance works of mercy with your daily duty, prayer time with household chores, and marriage with ministry, then let today’s saint be an inspiration. There are few women who can’t relate to her in some way- she was a wife, mother, friend, prayer warrior, champion of the sick and poor, and founder of a religious community. But most of all, she was a daughter of the Church who lived both her marriage vows and baptismal promises to the full.
Teaching Truth with Grace is Worth the Struggle
Question: How do I teach Catholic Principles in a school when faculty, parents, and students disagree with Church teaching?
Healing From Miscarriage
Question: My friend just had her second miscarriage and is understandably devastated. I myself have not experienced this and don’t know how to be there for her other than to bring her dinner and check in. I feel useless and it hurts to see her pain. Any suggestions on how to help women heal from this experience?
New Feminism | All Movements Start Small
I had decided out of total obedience to the Lord that I would no longer fight the faith in which I had been brought up. For three years, I had been attending my local non-denominational church. If I was going to mass at all, it was only out of familial guilt. I had fallen in love with everything protestant. The music was great, the preaching was meaningful, but most of all, I was involved in the women’s small groups and these groups were changing my life. I was as shocked as anyone else when the Lord asked me to recommit to the Catholic church, but I did. I left the ministries that I loved, came back to the mass and started looking for ways to get involved.
Trust Me, You've Got This. Because He's Got You.
Question: I am feeling hopeless. Looking around at our country at large and my local community it is clear there is a social breakdown happening that is threatening relationships all around me. There is such division, tension, and instability in personal identity, family life and politics yet my friends seem so numb to it – not caring about its effects or objective truth. I understand our gift of feminine genius and ability to contribute to human flourishing, but how do I make a difference when I feel like no one cares?
Motherhood | Am I Wasting my Talents
Question: I am married with three kids and want a large family. I gave up my career to be a mother and I wouldn’t trade what I have for the world. However, I feel this yearning to use my gifts still and keep being told, “keep your foot in the door professionally”. Can anyone talk to this balance? If I know there is a real chance for many more babies in the future, how do I go about discerning this for my family? Am I wasting my gifts? Will I damage my family if I work in the professional world or will it be a good example? How do I know what is right?
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