Faith in action is love, and love in action is service.
- St. Teresa of Calcutta

Endow’s mission is to help all women, including those most marginalized, recognize the origin of their own dignity and embrace the freedom found in that knowledge.

Endow’s mission includes the important work of outreach to those in need. And in a particular way, we desire to serve the needs of those women in homeless shelters, pregnancy centers, women’s clinics, and jails.

For women in these unique situations, we have adapted an Endow Outreach course on Pope Saint John Paul II’s Letter to Women and Pope Benedict’s God is Love. Our Outreach groups create a safe place where women can come together to pray, read Sacred Scripture and Church writings, and discuss the relevance to these teachings to their lives. Like all Endow courses, there is no homework; instead, the material is read aloud in class.

The content has been pared down and reduced to six sessions. Each session has its own lesson plan, specially adapted to highlight the key theme in each chapter and may be done in a one hour format.

These women face particular challenges, and offering this Outreach course is a way of folding them into the larger Christian population. As we discuss with our sisters in Christ the truths of authentic womanhood, they are reminded of how they are made and to what purpose. True to the mission of Endow, they are educated on a woman’s true nature and dignity, an illustration of God’s love for them.

Starting your own Endow outreach group

Here are some steps to get you started:

  • If you are not already an approved Endow Facilitator, you will need to register to start your group.

  • Contact the facility where you are interested in doing Outreach to ask permission to lead a group there. You will need to find out what their requirements are for volunteering.

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