You Are the Heart of Endow

You are the heart of Endow. We are here to support the good work you are doing in helping women recognize, cultivate, and educate their unique feminine genius.

Here are some ways we would like to support you:

If you think you may want to host more than one of the studies, we highly recommend purchasing the Host Leadership Package, which includes the Leadership Guide with helpful tips on getting started, a copy of the study, and then a complimentary copy of any future studies (so it works like purchasing a ‘membership’ to Endow). 

Please subscribe to the Endow Newsletter so we can keep you updated on current events such as our monthly host meetings, special events, and our monthly “A Taste of Endow” meetings where you can get a taste of what a typical Endow meeting is like including tips and tricks on hosting! Click here to view our Events page for upcoming meetings.

Before or during your Endow study, please feel free to contact Simone Rizkallah, Director of Program Growth, to book a 20-minute mentoring meeting on any spiritual, theological, pastoral, or practical needs that arise. We are here to accompany you through the entire process! 

Check out our Resources page where you will find links to the Endow YouTube Channel, the Endow Podcast, recordings of our previous or current online studies and our Endow Weekly meditations.

To support these resources in a profound way, please consider joining the Feminine Genius Circle.