Why Endow?

The Church is the mystical bride of Christ, a mother who spiritually nurtures and prepares the children of God. The role of living and transmitting this reality falls in particular to women. Women who have discovered their identity in Christ. And yet, very few apostolates and organizations uphold this reality as core to their mission or the mission of the Church. The absence of the Church’s active involvement educating women has resulted in nearly 60 years of a distorted understanding of true feminism and the role of women as carriers of faith.

Endow is Different.

Endow brings women into small group communities that transmit the depth of our Catholic faith to awaken each participant’s particular genius and ignite them as luminaries who heal, mother and prepare families and the world for the love of Christ.

Endow groups typically meet once a week for about one hour and a half to two hours each meeting. During the meetings, each participant takes turns reading from the material. Within each chapter, we provide discussion questions that tie the concepts of the study with our everyday lives. We treasure the discussions because this is how the sisterhood is deepened and how the Lord speaks into our lives through others. Because we at Endow know that in our fast-paced world we scramble to find time, there is no prep time needed for hosts and there is no reading ahead or homework required for any participant. Endow was created to build communities of strong women who take every opportunity to learn how to better live out their feminine genius. As a result, there is no leader’s version of any study. The host learns alongside her friends in the group, guided by the expert in the room the study guide.

The Story

Endow began in 2003 when three women Betsy Considine, Marilyn Coors and Terry Polakovic encountered the teachings of St. Pope John Paul II on the nature of women and the new feminism. The more they learned, the more it called them to a truer and more authentic way of living and leading as women in the world endowed with unique gifts and their own particular genius. They wanted every woman to come to know it too.

With the help of Archbishop Chaput, Archbishop Gomez and renowned Catholic scholar Sr. Prudence Allen R.S.M., a leading academic on the philosophical concept of womanhood and current member of Pope Francis International Theological Commission, they began writing small-group study guides on John Paul’s two seminal documents on the feminine genius that would help women from all walks of life: wives, and mothers, single and consecrated women to encounter the beauty and depth of the Church’s teaching.

Endow has grown from a lunch-time conversation in Denver, Colorado to an international apostolate in over 130 dioceses that has reached over 25,000 women who are going forth to transform the culture by living the fullness of their feminine genius. It was granted juridic personhood status under Canon 113 of the Code of Canon Law of the Catholic Church, giving Endow status as a perpetual entity aligned in apostolic mission and of unique importance to the propagation of the Catholic Faith.