Join like-minded women, together unpacking who you are uniquely created to be.


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God is not outdone in generosity. When you put in your time, your heart and your energy, he repays you with his presence, his heart and his love unveiling to you truths about who you are and the many gifts he has given you. In your Endow group, you can expect to deepen your relationship with Christ and His Church, the Blessed Mother, and the Communion of Saints and most importantly understand your mission as a Saint in the world with unique gifts to share.

Be prepared not just to deepen your understanding of your own dignity and the rich truths of Catholicism, but also to grow in authentic love. Nearly 90% of Endow alumnae have told us that their study groups have helped them be better wives and mothers, sisters, friends and co-workers, so be prepared to see your everyday relationships transformed as well. In short, get ready to have your mind enlightened, your heart expanded, your faith renewed, and your joy enlarged.

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“The hour is coming, in fact has come, when the vocation of women is being acknowledged in its fullness, the hour in which women acquire in the world an influence, an effect and a power never hitherto achieved.”



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Endow relies on women who volunteer to start and guide a study group in their local area. We train them as facilitators and provide them with great resources to help them promote and sustain their group.

Facilitators come from every kind of vocation, and all sorts of backgrounds. Some women become facilitators after already participating in an Endow group. They feel compelled to help other women become renewed in their faith as they have been. Some women become facilitators because they see the devastating effect our culture has had on young women and want to offer the next generation an alternative message rooted in  God’s love for them, and the wisdom of the Church. They gather in homes, at parishes, in Starbucks or wherever works for them.

The most beautiful part is that our facilitators truly reflect the Church at every level. Whether you are a college student, a religious sister, a stay at home mom, a professional, a working mom, a grandmother, a member of Legatus, a parishioner on fire to reignite your parish – you all sit around our table and we welcome you too to the Endow family!

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