Jenna Guizar: Sharing Your Gifts isn’t Self-Promotion, it’s Evangelization

Jenna Guizar: Sharing Your Gifts isn’t Self-Promotion, it’s Evangelization

Q: I want to start a business and have a gift that I know I can share with others. I’m hesitant though because to do that I know I need to advertise and self promotion always makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong. As a woman of faith how do I self promote my gift without feeling like it’s vanity? What’s courage and what’s ego?

A: First of all, how awesome! You have a gift you know you can share?! You know this! What a gift that is to YOU, to know of your gift to share. So many people go through every single day of their lives never recognizing the gifts they’ve been given to share to others.

I spent the first 27 years of my life wondering what gift I was given to be able to share with others, and for so many friends and family members of mine, they’re still wondering!

Honestly, thank God you know of this gift. It is truly awesome.

Secondly, if you know of this gift, and you know it is yours to share, you now have an obligation to do so.

You have been given something from the Lord, and you can do nothing else but actually do as He says.

I believe Peter and Paul felt hesitant to share their gifts — of preaching, of healing, of evangelizing — but they had an obligation to our Lord to share their gifts. It is just to give back what has been given to you.

If this gift is given to you by the Lord, and it is just to return it to Him by serving and offering it to your community (His people), then it is only right to let others know about the gift that is given to you.

The only way people can give glory to God through your services and products is if you actually put it out there that the services and products are an option. It is not vanity to shout from the rooftops, “This is from the Lord, it is good, and it is for you!”

I love your question about courage. It does take courage to step out and offer yourself back to the Lord and to others, and that courage will sustain you, because it only comes from the Lord.

I was scared, three years ago, when I emailed women and asked if they would start a Catholic women’s ministry with me. I was hesitant to reach out when I didn’t have all of the answers and I didn’t know where the path would lead.

But He gave me courage, He gave me strength, He showered me in love. None of this would be if it weren’t for His constant presence.

And that presence is there for you, too. He is there, always. He is leading you on, opening up your doors that need opening, clearing the paths that need clearing, lifting you up when you fail and must keep walking and serving Him.

Failure will happen, pride with happen, ego will happen.

It takes courage and humility to look to Him and say “You’ve given me this gift, and I must keep giving it back to You.” He will show you the way.

Jenna is the founder of Blessed Is She Women’s Ministry. Learn more about their community and beautiful products at


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