Erica Tighe: Knowing Your Mission – Catholic Entrepreneurship & Business

Erica Tighe: Knowing Your Mission – Catholic Entrepreneurship & Business

Q: How do you work with clients that might not share the same catholic values as you? At what point do you say no I morally can’t do this and when do you gracefully take them on knowing its a professional relationship and respecting them as a client no matter what they value?

A: Before Be A Heart was my business, it was my blog. I started it to write about my experience of “being a heart – nothing but a heart” in the slums of Brazil. It was about compassion and learning how to love others more deeply and selflessly. After living there for a year and a half, I moved to New York and continued blogging about that transition and how I tried to continue living that same idea in the fast paced city.

Eventually Be A Heart was the platform for which I launched my business as a calligraphy and designer. Imagine now as I walk up to a high profile event to design something on site and someone says to me, “are you Be A Heart?” It still makes me chuckle. What kind of name is that, anyway? But for it, I am so grateful because it really keeps me in check. This idea of being a heart not only dictates how I interact with my clients, but also draws a very specific type of clientele. Most of the people who come to me have a similar heart in life and are promoting beautiful things with their own work. In turn, I get to design things that I believe in myself.

I have yet had to deal with an inquiry project for something that goes against my personal beliefs. I guess I wouldn’t be able to design something for an organization who was anti-refugee or promoting guns or the other issues that contrasts my own convictions. However I also recognize that not all my clients have the exact same beliefs as me on a personal level. I do always try to put the human first. We all have had different experiences to bring us to where we are and I am in no place to judge them. Usually in terms of a professional relationship, I can find plenty that we do have in common rather than seeing our differences.

I usually approach my work as an act of service. I am there to serve them and not discriminate based on who they are or what they believe. This then is an act of love and that is always what I am trying to bring to the world.

Something I have been working on the past few months is learning to trust my own intuition though when I need to turn down a project. I recently had a client call very frantically needing something last minute and out of my normal scope of work. I had a weird feeling of it, but because I always want to be helpful, I agreed to do it. They kept negotiating my price down and asking me to come in extra times to “meet” and long story short it turned into a nightmare and they won’t return our calls or send payment for the work.

So for me, I should have seen some red flags in the way they treated us from the beginning in a way where I felt a bit exploited and used and while I try to treat my clients with love and tend to put in the extra mile for them, I also expect to receive kindness and respect in return.

And in the end, I don’t want my handiwork on a business that may not treat its own clientele or employees with dignity and kindness. I think one of the best ways to avoid this is to be really clear in the mission of your own work and knowing what your non-negotiable issues are. This generally will help in the very beginning to attract those who also want to be affiliated and do business with you.






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Steps for Inquiry

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  1. Tell us your parish & what date you are thinking
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These women are among us, they are our daughters and our sisters. They need support and love as they accept the unexpected gift from God and the difficult journey that can come from choosing life.

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Endow’s mission is to help all women, especially those most marginalized, recognize the origin of their own dignity and embrace the freedom found in that knowledge.

Endow’s mission includes the important work of outreach to those in need. And in a particular way, we desire to serve the needs of those women in homeless shelters, pregnancy centers, women’s clinics, and jails.

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